Accurate, fast, and affordable utility inspection

We build integrated hardware and software to make utility infrastructure inspection more accurate and 10x lower cost

Geospatial insights in minutes, not months

Streamlining inspection and mapping

Affordable Sensing

Use affordable sensor kits specially designed for your next inspection

Anomaly Detection

Machine learning models automatically identify anomalies, like leaks and faults

Underground Mapping

Create models of large-scale underground infrastructure

Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

Achieve centimeter-level positioning even inside and in urban canyons

Powerful Deliverables

Share georeferenced information and insights with your customers

Workflow Integration

Export annotations and data to your favorite CAD and GIS platforms

An all-in-one inspection platform

We turn sensor data directly into actionable deliverables

Manage projects

Streamline projects from quote to deliverable

Store data in separate project files for different locations
Send out invoices and purchase orders
Import and store documents and site historical information

Data interpretation simplified

Interpret data from many sensors in the same platform

Visual Cameras
Ground Penetrating Radar
Utility Locators
Thermal Cameras

Export and share results

Share inspection and mapping data directly with your customers

Compatible with
Autodesk AUTOCAD
And many more commonly used platforms!

Built to simplify inspection

Our platform is designed for companies that need high quality inspection and mapping information quickly and at lower costs. We streamline the acquisition, processing, interpretation, and delivery of surface and underground information.

Utility Companies

Reduce inspection operating expenses by 10x through powerful visualization and automation

Utility Locators

Produce high quality deliverables for customers that integrate directly into their existing workflows

Asset Managers

Compile your geospatial data in one central location, share information on demand, and prevent potential crises

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