The Operating System for Cities

We're digitizing surface and underground infrastructure to prevent infrastructure failures.

Make critical infrastructure design, operations, and construction decisions in minutes, not months

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Streamlined mapping and data analysis

Actionable Maps

Automated map processing to make quick, data-driven decisions

Change Detection

Machine learning models automatically identify anomalies, like leaks and faults

City-Scale Mapping

Create and visualize models of large-scale surface and underground infrastructure

Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

Achieve centimeter-level positioning even inside and in urban canyons

Powerful Deliverables

Share information and insights with engineers, contractors, and regulators

Workflow Integration

Connect CAD, GIS, scheduling, and work management software with 3D maps

All-in-one platform for 4D geospatial data

Understand how cities and facilities are changing

Geospatial Project Management

Track and manage projects on live maps

Save data in separate project files for different locations
Communicate with contractors, engineers, and regulators
Securely store documents and third party information

Data interpretation simplified

Incorporate, track, and visualize data from many sensors in the same platform

Visual Cameras
Ground Penetrating Radar
Thermal Cameras
Custom Sensor Integration

Export and share results

Incorporate geospatial data with your existing workflows and software

Compatible with
Bentley Systems
And many more commonly used platforms!

Geospatial information simplified

Our platform is designed for organizations that need to understand the built world for design, planning, operations, or inspection. We streamline project and asset management by making complex geospatial information accessible.


Improve network resilience and operational efficiency while reducing non-revenue asset losses

Engineering & Construction

Acquire survey-quality and up-to-date site information to streamline project planning and tracking


Assess large-scale risks and obtain geospatial insights for planning and emergency response

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